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5 Things I didn’t like about MNIK


Courtsey: Bloguez.com

Hey guys wondering why I am reviewing this movie cause the movie is good

The screenplay is good enough, concept of the story is also good and ya I saw Shahruk acted diffrently in the film cause he is not the same “Rahul” type guy in the movie were he always used to be……

Although there were many good points in the movie there was also few things that I didn’t liked abiut the movie

Following are the 5 things I didn’t liked about My Name Is Khan(aka MNIK)

  1. The voice of Srk was something weird like ET (Extra terrestrial). I thought Koi Mil Gaya’s Jaadu dubbed for SRK.
  2. The scene where Kajol agrees to marry him by just showing the sight scene of the sunrise doesn’t go well & also she agrees very quicky
  3. Karan johar took some good star cast like Sumit Raghvan and Vinay Pathak. but he completely wasted them in the movie. These actors have high calibre of acting & u should use them to their potential.
    Vinay Pathak


    Sumt Raghvan


  4. No good songs in the movie, all though music was given by the trio Shankar- Ehsaan- Loy.
  5. Nakli Obama“, can’t Karan find a look-alike of Obama. There was only one similarity between the obama in the movie  and the real obama, ………………………………………………………………… they both were men.  🙂 😛

Rajkiran (aka Raj)


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