Programming in oracle (Day3)

Its Friday not a weekend for me cause tomorrow have to go to office.

Working at the same trigger, it’s not boring learning many things in oracle. Although it takes a lot of resources on my system to run and many problems in executing the query, very slow…..

Still dealing the slowness of the oracle..

but one good thing i learned from this is the debugging in the TOAD client software for oracle. I will prepare a simple to tutorial naming “HOW TO DEBUG THE QUERIES IN TOAD FOR ORACLE”..

It’s 8 Pm time to leave office…,done with the trigger Yepeeeee…

quite happy about that cause wrote such a big trigger Ist time in my life….

Bye for now, meet u tomorrow.. byeeeeeeee…

Rajkiran (aka Raj)


2 comments on “Programming in oracle (Day3)

  1. Cool man, I hate oracle simple coz i don’t, know how to work around with TOAD and all have been working all time with MSSQL or MYSQL do guide me !

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