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28 November 2013

      Yesterday I decided to start writing my daily diary again.  When creating this category i thought I will share to all the people but know I write for my own reading.
       I started my studies seriously from yesterday first thought to read all the chapters but since I have wasted all my time in seeing the TBBT and HMIM episodes I got less time.  Now I just started to solve the papers of the subjects one by one.  Did the one paper of communication and skills complete.  I feel I am bit slow in reading too,  I need to increase the speed to complete the subjects. I decided to not attend the accounts paper as only 2 days are left and its not possible for me to cope up the wasted days.  I felt bad for that cause I have decided earlier to attend 2 papers of sem 2.
      Today I felt happy since dad decided to meet Renu’s family and also told me to come with.  I didn’t noticed she send me a friend’s request on Facebook.  I accepted the request and looked on the new photos she uploaded also liked one photo today,  hope she sees that.
     OK I feel this is a good start for the blog.  Hope I follow this pattern and continue writing the blog.


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