Nature’s Beauty

Nature's Beauty

This picture was clicked while i was traveling in a bus.
This place is in Bhyandar bridge on Western Express Highway.


Beautiful Butterfly

Beautiful butterfly

This was shot in way back 2008 from my camera phone at my home..


Cracked Clouds

Cracked clouds

A view from my terrace flat


The Brightest star

A brightest star setting down the hill


DataGridView with ProgressBar (Windows Application)

The Below Demo Project has the code to display the Progress Bar in the Gridview control. So download and enjoy.
Demo Project Download
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IMR Mobile 2ndTheme (UnOfficial)

IMR v2 Mobile Theme

IMR v2 Mobile Theme (unofficial)

Hello friends as promised i came with the new IMR Theme. This will be the last theme on IMR after this, I am cureently working on different flavours on themes my main focus will be on social networking so just wait and watch.

The above themes are for the below phones only

Nokia N72

Nokia N72

Nokia N70

Click here to Download

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IMR Mobile Theme (Unofficial)

IMR v1.0 Theme Unofficial

Hi every one I am here with a surprise for you. This theme is an unofficial theme for my friend very popular site IndianMusicRevolution a.k.a (IMR) visit www.indianmusicrevolution.com. This is first theme which i created way back. These theme is only for the following phones

Nokia N70

Nokia N72

Click here to Download
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28 November 2013

      Yesterday I decided to start writing my daily diary again.  When creating this category i thought I will share to all the people but know I write for my own reading.
       I started my studies seriously from yesterday first thought to read all the chapters but since I have wasted all my time in seeing the TBBT and HMIM episodes I got less time.  Now I just started to solve the papers of the subjects one by one.  Did the one paper of communication and skills complete.  I feel I am bit slow in reading too,  I need to increase the speed to complete the subjects. I decided to not attend the accounts paper as only 2 days are left and its not possible for me to cope up the wasted days.  I felt bad for that cause I have decided earlier to attend 2 papers of sem 2.
      Today I felt happy since dad decided to meet Renu’s family and also told me to come with.  I didn’t noticed she send me a friend’s request on Facebook.  I accepted the request and looked on the new photos she uploaded also liked one photo today,  hope she sees that.
     OK I feel this is a good start for the blog.  Hope I follow this pattern and continue writing the blog.

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Indian Jugad-II

Using Laptop’s screen light for eating food when there’s a power failure in our office….

My fellow colleagues eating lunch…


Rush Hour

The every day site for Virar train traveller……….

Place: Nallasopara Railway Station, Outskirts of Mumbai

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The “F” Indicator


God knows what the indicator try to indicate us…

Place: Ghatkopar Station Mumbai


The Gangmens

The fellow gangmens working hard



Glazing Moon

The moon is looking beautiful behind a big tree

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