28 November 2013

      Yesterday I decided to start writing my daily diary again.  When creating this category i thought I will share to all the people but know I write for my own reading.        I started my studies seriously from yesterday first thought to read all the chapters but since I have wasted all my time […]

Indian Jugad-II

Indian Jugad-II

Using Laptop’s screen light for eating food when there’s a power failure in our office…. My fellow colleagues eating lunch…

Indian Jugad…!!!

Indian Jugad…!!!

While traveling today i saw this This is india’s world famous “JUGAD” The First Class seat of local train is band aid!!!

A new start

I have heard somewhere when one door shuts up the other door open. Yes a new start, a new door opened in ma life 2day. A new exiting and challenging project has came up. So ma development is back on track. It always feels good 2 learn new things thats why i love ma job […]

Busy Bee

After a long period i am writing to my blog. Its been almost 2 months, this month is the busiest month for me ever in my life. Working on Erp is very frustrating that too with using 3rd party controls. Returning home at 12 am is awful from office. Ok bye trying to find some […]

A boring day….

Hi guys long time i didnt post. A boring day at office, nothing much to do , just created a simple app ‘Auto email’ (it just exports the crystal reports to pdf & attaching it to the mail, it fetches the email address from the database and finally send it to the receipents). Planning this […]

Roshan’s Birthday Bash

Waiting and started preparation for this day since 1 week ago. Whole family was excited why..??? It was Roshan’s 1st birthday. Roshan who?? My nephew There was lots of hassle around in house for the preparation of his birthday party. All our relatives were invited for this occasion. Me and dad went to monginies shop to […]